manufacture spirit

Manufacture (factory industry)
When I was a kid, I saw this word in a textbook of social studies, which was handmade of the manufacturing method according to British craftsmen before the Industrial Revolution.

The making of our Japanese laces can’t be without a lot of handwork by specialists in each process too.
In other words, it is a hybrid manufacturing of hand (hand industry) and machine (machinery industry).

While still sharing the joy of creating with craftsmen without being in sync with the era of streamlining, we still continue to make old fashioned and inefficient products in this Japan.

Today, mass production and consumption progress to the limit, and AI is about to overtake humans.
But in an era where the “things that only humans can do” are being reviewed, we now think that “it is our turn”.

The hybrid production of handwork and machine work by Japanese engineers enables mass production with stable quality while maintaining the “spark(TOKIMEKI)” for making things lost due to the pursuit of cost and efficiency of mass production.

Please come and visit us to rediscover “TOKIMEKI” in manufacturing.
All the staff are looking forward to your visit.